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A brief introduction to retort

- Jul 21, 2017 -

Sterilization kettle is also called sterilization pot or sterilization machine. Sterilization pot is mainly used in the food industry, medicine and other fields.

The sterilization pot is composed of pot body, lid, opening device, locking wedge, safety interlock device, track, sterilization basket, steam nozzle and several pipe ports. Cover sealing with inflatable silicone rubber temperature-resistant seals, sealing reliable, long service life.

With a certain pressure of the steam as a heat source, with a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, heating uniformity, short liquid boiling time, heating temperature easy to control and so on. The pot inside the pot (inner pot) using acid-resistant austenitic stainless steel manufacturing, with pressure gauges and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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