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Main Function of Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging

- Oct 11, 2018 -

Main Function of Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging

In addition to the "Deoxidizing" and "Quality-preserving" functions of vacuum packaging, there are other main functions of anti-pressure, gas-blocking and fresh-keeping, which can more effectively maintain the original color, aroma, shape and nutritional value of the food for a long time. 

Besides, there are many foods that are not suitable for vacuum packaging, and must be use the

Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging.

  1. Anti-pressure:

    Because the food is vacuum-packed, the external atmospheric pressure is imposed on the outside of the packaging bag, causing it to shrink and deform, so many foods, such as crispy and fragile foods (tea, puffed food, fruit and vegetable chips) are easy to agglomerate, foods (dried meat floss, milk powder)which are easy to deforme, oily foods (cakes, moon cakes), foods with sharp edges or corners or high hardness will pierce the vacuum package, etc., must use the Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging. After the food is Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging, the pressure outside the bag is more powerful, which can effectively prevent the food from being crushed and deformed, without affecting the appearance and printing decoration of the vacuum bag.


2. Gas Barrier: 

    The packaging bags used in vacuum packaging and Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging generally use                     composite film materials with good air tightness, but, even if the best airtight composite film    also has a certain     "Air Permeability". After vacuum packaging, the outside air will slowly penetrate into the packaging bag, which        affects the shelf life of the food. After Vacuum & Gas Flushing Packaging, the pressure inside the packaging            bag is stronger than the pressure inside    the packaging bag, and the air outside the bag is difficult to enter the      inside bag, effectively extending the shelf life of package food.


3. Preservation: 

    The Vacuum & Gas Flushing Package is filled with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, or a mixture    of two or           three gases after vacuuming. The nitrogen gas is an inert gas, which acts as a filling to maintain a positive               pressure inside the bag, to prevent the outside air from entering the bag inside, thereby protecting the food.             Carbon dioxide is soluble in various types of fat or water, and it is classified into weakly acidic carbonic acid,         and has the activity of inhibiting microorganisms, such as mold and spoilage bacteria. Oxygen inhibits the               growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, keeps the freshness and color of fruits and vegetables, and             high-concentration oxygen keeps fresh meats bright red.


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