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Retort there are three kinds of sterilization methods:

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, hot water circulation sterilization: sterilization when the food in the pot soaked in hot water, this way the distribution of heat evenly.

2, Steam-type sterilization: food loaded into the pot is not the first add water, but directly into the steam heating, because in the sterilization process in the pot in the presence of air will appear cold spots, so this way the heat distribution is not the most uniform.

3, drench the water type sterilization: This way is uses the nozzle or the spraying tube to spray the hot water to the food, the sterilization process is through installs in the sterilization pot either sides or the top the nozzle, spray out of the mist-like hot water to the food surface, so not only the temperature is not dead corners, but also heating and cooling speed, can be comprehensive, fast, stable sterilization of the products in the pot, especially for the soft packaging food sterilization.

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