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The choice principle of retort

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, mainly from the temperature control precision and heat distribution uniformity on the selection, if the product requirements of the temperature is very strict, especially export products, because the requirements of the distribution of heat is very uniform, so should try to select the computer automatic sterilization pot. Computer semi-automatic sterilization pot temperature control, pressure control and computer automatic same, but the price is fully automated computer 1/3. General requirements can be selected electric semi-automatic sterilization pot. Manual sterilization pot Sterilization is difficult, controlled moderate pressure and so on by manual completion, food appearance is difficult to master, the rise (bag) and high crushing rate.

2, if the product is containing gas packaging or product appearance more stringent requirements, you should choose computer automatic or semi-automatic sterilization pot.

3, if the product is a glass bottle or tinplate, because heating and cooling speed are required to control, so as far as possible should not choose double sterilization pot.

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