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Automatic Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle

Automatic Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle

Automatic gas heating jacketed kettle was ​pot body turning system

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Features for automatic gas heating jacketed kettle

Automatic gas heating jacketed kettle was pot body turning system :hydraulic lifting mode ,to achieve hydraulic tilt material after the separation of agitation and pan, can be tilted 90° angle ,pouring no dead ends, easy to clean, reduce labor intensity.Speed drive device: the mixing shaft uses advanced rotating and sealing structure to make the pot clean and sanitary,the speed regulation adopts variable frequency speed to regulation power, and the operation is stable.According to actual capacity, the model can be divided into 100L, 200L, 300L, 400L, 500L and other specifications. Unconventional capacity products can be machined and customized.

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Characteristic of automatic gas heating jacketed kettle

1. Full burning, smokeless,dust-free, little carbon, and no environmental pollution.

2. Flame temperature can be regulated optionally, highest temperature 300 °C or so.

3. Reasonable structure and convenient operation.

4. Energy saving, fierce fire, thermal efficiency is increased by 25% or so compared with similar products.

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Application Scope:

Automatic gas heating jacketed kettle is suitable for cooking food, boiled sugar thin, fired vegetables, condiments, herbs and baking,etc., commonly used for heating stir frying in catering and food processing or chemical pharmaceutical process.

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