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Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle

Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle

Gas heating jacketed kettle with automatic temperature control

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Gas Heating Jacketed Kettle


Product Description 

Gas heating jacketed kettle 50L ~ 600L cooking kettle capacity


The below are custom options can choose suitable machine:

1. Cooking kettle made of stainless steel 304 or 316L

2. Jacketed pot with customized cooking capacity 200L in  picture

3. Gas heating, nature gas or LGP

4. Automatic control temperature and gas

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Jacketed kettle / jacketed pot / cooking kettle:

Jacketed kettle is a kind of cooking and mixing device used in dairy processing and beverage production. 

You can produce tomato paste, puree, milk, and many other products by jacketed cooking kettle. 

Also, you can make soup by our cooking kettles or cooking pan.

Jacketed kettles can be heated by gas. Our factory food machinery produce gas jacketed kettle in different capacity. We have nature gas heating type cooking kettle, also we produce LGP heating cooking vat or kettle according to customer request. 


Gas heating jacketed kettle can be tilting type, or tri-leg mounted. There are not too much different between tri-leg mounted gas cooking kettle and tilting jacketed kettle, the only difference is: They use different kind of drainage method. 

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Tilting jacketed kettle use gear device to turn the jacketed pot over when discharge while tri-leg jacketed kettle <or vertical jacketed kettle> equipped with a drainage pipe at the jacketed pot <jacketed pan or jacketed vat> bottom. 

Gas heating jacketed kettle with automatic temperature control

Most of the gas jacketed kettle are manual control. You need to turn on the gas when start cooking and after cooking you need to turn off the gas by hand. Have you every seen any gas cooking kettle which can turn on and turn off the gas automatic rather than by hand? Our cooking kettle can do this!

Want to know more about our automatic control gas cooking kettle? 

Please send us your detail request. 

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