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Automatic Rollover Jacketed Kettle Machine

Automatic Rollover Jacketed Kettle Machine

Rollover jacketed kettle is not only easy to use and quick to heat up

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Automatic rollover jacketed kettle applied scope:

Rollover jacketed kettle is not only easy to use and quick to heat upbut also meets the demand of high temperature for some products and is not limited by the factory voltage.Suitable for mixing, heating, cooking and frying of various high viscosity sauces:baked fried filling industry 

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Equipment characteristics:

1. All kinds of heat source for users to choose, generally have steam, electricity, gas.

2. Large heating area.

3. High heat efficiency.

4. Heating evenly.

5. Liquid material boiling time is short.

6. Heating temperature is easy to control.

7. Use safe and convenient.

8. The contact part of the material is made of stainless steel.

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Easy operated controller:

The controller is integrated with the device,Reduce the size of the equipment.

Those machine in the chart are standard configurations.

We also can customize jacketed kettle according to your specific requirements or your drawing.

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