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Stainless Steel Tilting Jacketed Kettle

Stainless Steel Tilting Jacketed Kettle

Jacketed kettle product body is a stainless steel pot body

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Stainless Steel Tilting Jacketed Kettle:

Jacketed kettle product body is a stainless steel pot body, which is used in the world. The electromagnetic heating is used in the form of electromagnetic heating,Use of planetary stirrer and the pot body full contact, realize the transmission revolution and rotation of non integer transmission ratio, make the pot without dead angle of mixing.The use of advanced transmission and sealing structure, make the transmission part and the pot clean, health. Using frequency conversion power, running more smoothly.Electromagnetic heating in the form of an open flame cooking, with the heating up fast, no fire, no smoke, no harmful gas, the surrounding environment Does not produce heat radiation, safety, good appearance and other characteristics, is a good performance of food processing equipment.

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What's your price terms?

According to customer needs, you can choose CIF or CFR or FOB.

What is your payment terms?

We support the following three ways

1.TT    2.LC at sight    3. Western Union

How long is the production cycle?

Generally speaking, within approx. 20 working days after receiving deposit by TT.

Accurate day according to the decision of customer’s order quantity.

What time is the delivery time:

In general, after the completion of the order & the balance is settled on the delivery.

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