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Tilting Boiling Heating Jacketed Kettle​

Tilting Boiling Heating Jacketed Kettle​

This electric interlayer boiler is widely used in candy, jelly, hard candy, cakes, drinks and candied fruit, canned food processing.

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Tilting Boiling Heating Jacketed Kettle

Product Description

Stainless steel electric/steam heating jacket kettle

Materials are all sanitary stainless steel 304 or 316L .

Humanized structure design and easy to operate .

Transition area of interior wall on tank adopts arc for transition to ensure no dead comer of sanitation .

This electric interlayer boiler is widely used in candy, jelly, hard candy, cakes, drinks and  candied fruit, canned food processing, can also be used in large restaurant or dining room to boil soup,  cook,stew, congee, cook red bean, with lotus-paste, etc., is a food processing to  improve quality, shorten the time, good equipment to improve working conditions.

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the electric interlayer boiler to a 380 v power as heat source, mezzanine built-in electric  heating, electric  heating and heat conduction oil, up to 150 °C, controlled by the electric  cabinet. Has the  heated area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short liquid boiling time,  heating  temperature easy to control, etc.

This electric interlayer boiler inner body (inner boiler ) is made of acid and heat resistant  austenite size of stainless  steel, equipped with a pressure gauge and the relief valve, and electric cabinet. interlayer boiler is beautiful, easy to install, easy to operate, insulation  performance is  reliable.

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