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​Autoclave/Retort Requirements For Canned Meat Food

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Autoclave/Retort Requirements for Canned Meat Food

In the process of high temperature sterilization Autoclave/Retort of canned meat food, the main target of sterilization is Helicobacter botulinum, which can produce toxins that cause fatal damage to human body. It is a heat-resistant anaerobic bacterium, which is in the environment of 121 ° C. The clock will lose its biological activity and lose its biological activity in the environment of 100 ° C for about 6 hours in Autoclave/Retort. Of course, the higher the temperature, the shorter the survival time of the pathogen. According to scientific tests, sterilization is more suitable at 121 ° C. At this time, the package has good heat resistance, and the food taste is also good. At 121 ° C sterilization, the F value of the food center reached 4, and the Helicobacter botulinum was not detected in the food, which met the requirements of commercial sterility.

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The function of the Autoclave/Retort is to provide an environment for the high temperature sterilization of the canned food. The food can be sterilized at a specified temperature, time and pressure in Autoclave/Retort. It must have a good heat distribution, that is, in the container during sterilization. The difference between the temperature and the average temperature should meet the requirements. If the temperature at a certain point is lower than the average temperature, then the point cannot reach the predetermined bactericidal F value, and the food near this point cannot meet the sterilization requirement. Uniform heat distribution is the most important technical indicator to measure the quality of the sterilization pot, which can be measured and evaluated by a thermal distribution analyzer.

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When the food is in a high temperature environment, the longer time,the worse taste, the more nutrition loss. This requires that the temperature in the Autoclave/Retort should be quickly reached at the same temperature, and the F value at each point should be kept at a high level, so that the sterilization process can be quickly terminated. The cooling should also be rapid in Autoclave/Retort, so that the food can be separated from the high temperature environment in the shortest possible time. This requires that the design of the water flow of the sterilization pot should be scientific and reasonable, and the sterilization time should be minimized for Autoclave/Retort.

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