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Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer

- Nov 01, 2017 -

Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer 

Brief Introduction:

Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer use the same batch sterilization water alternately. After one pot of food processed,The high temperature treatment water will be put into the other pot, so that it can reduce the loss of the heat and processing water.Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer increased capacity by 2/3 comparing to the double layered sterilizing pot.

Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer is an extension product on the basis of the double layered hot bath sterilizing pot.Compared with the double layered hot bath sterilizing pot , Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Sterilizer has the following advantages:volume of production has been doubled , energy has been saved , and the cost of the equipment has been lowered.

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