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Automatic Hot Water Spray Sterilizer Retort

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Product Description

Automatic Hot Water Spray sterilizer Retort


This sterilizer is widely used for the high-temperature sterilization in foodstuff, beverage, soft can, medical needle and etc. Especially for second sterilization for foodstuff which packed in pouch or flexible bag.

Water spray resorts is by direct injection steam, heat up the water of the hot water tank to the predetermined temperature, and then injection process tank, and make the process water pot continuously circulation, and through the water vapor mixer heating sterilization cycles. So as to shorten the sterilization time, improve work efficiency. Sterilization process water can be recycled, save the consumption of energy, time and manpower and material resources and reduce the production cost.


1. This equipment are new type products which developed by double sterilization kettle extension, its sterilization effect is the same as the double sterilization kettle, output 1 times higher than it.

2. Sterilization with hot water can be used in circulation between the two sterilization kettles; Users can greatly reduce the investment cost.

3. Use the screen can touch control

4. Pressure, temperature, sterilization time are automatic control, it's more accurate than manual control.

5. Pressure and temperature data in digital displayed on the touch screen.

6. With the temperature, pressure, curve record function and can print at any time.

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