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Cautions For Retort Bag In Sterilization Process (1)

- Jul 31, 2018 -

Cautions for Retort Bag in Sterilization Process (1)

Residual air volume in Retort bag: 

The amount of Residual air in retort bag is larger,the heat conduction will be worse, especially when the residual amount of air above 20 ML, which will cause the sterilization effect will be insufficient. What's more,the bag-breaking phenomenon will be caused by the expansion of the gas during sterilization process. 

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In addition, the residual air in retort bag also affects the easily oxidized fat and vitamin C in the food. Therefore, for vacuum products packaged in retort bag, it is necessary to control the vacuum rate problem.

More cautions for retort bag during sterilization process will be updated in next text.

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