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Cautions For Retort Bag In Sterilization Process (5)

- Sep 11, 2018 -

Cautions For Retort Bag In Sterilization Process (5)

Acidic Type Can Food: 

Pay attention to the PH value of the food, to avoid to sterilize low-acid foods as high-acid foods during the sterilization process. The sterilization conditions of acid-added foods are relatively mild in the autocalve/retort.

Sterilization temperature and sterilization time: 

This factor is very important for the safety of food. Even if there's a little difference of the sterilization time or sterilization temperature (such as a few minutes or 1-2 degrees) in the autoclave/retort, it may cause large-scale food corruption. Therefore, it is recommended to select semi-automatic or fully automatic control mode for sterilizing equipment selection, which can accurately control the sterilization time and temperature, and avoid the quality problems caused by human error.


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