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Double-layer Sterilization Pot

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Working Principle & Features:

1. Hot water is stored in the top tank, the temperature of the product rises rapidly in the heating stage. The hot water can be reused to reduce energy consumption.

2. The product is completely immersed in water, and the temperature can heat the product from all directions.

3. During the whole process, products can not touch the air so that there is no air mass in the retort. Optimized circulating water system ensures even heating distribution in the sterilization pot.

4. Control the back pressure by controlling the in and out of the compressed air, thus avoiding the pressure peak and greatly reducing the damage to the packaging material.

5. Smooth, gentle, but rapid cooling avoids thermal shock and cooking smell of product.

6. In the heating process, the heat can be passed into the product by the fastest speed, to ensure the desired sterilization effect and achieve the desired F value.

7. It is equipped with two movable temperature sensing probes, which can monitor the F value of the food center at any time and the heat distribution in the sterilization pot.

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