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Double Layer Water Bath Type Sterilization Pot

- Dec 09, 2017 -

Application Scope:

The sterilization pot is equipped with hot water storage tank(double layer), high temperature and high pressure water pressure type horizontal cylindrical sterilization equipment.This product is based on the principle of horizontal sterilization pot, optimize the pipeline design, increase with circulating water pump hot water circulation system. Particularly suitable for flexible packaging, plastic bottles canned packaging, cooked meat products, ham and dairy products, high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

Equipment Characteristics:

The sterilization pot is based on the horizontal sterilization pot to add a hot water tank. Double layer sterilization pot can heat  water of sterilization in advance in the top tank, and be used to reuse the hot water after the sterilization in the lower pot. Not only saves water resources and energy, but also shorten the material in the sterilization process heating time. It has the characteristics of energy efficient. 

Autoclave sterilizer adopts Siemens PLC programmable controller control system,which has large screen color touch screen,man-machine interface platform operating system and imported pneumatic valve system,sterilization process automatic control, temperature control accuracy to + / _0. 5 degrees, automatic pressure tracking, automatic back pressure control.The sterilization process is monitored and the sterilization temperature and pressure and time curve can be automatically recorded.After more than ten years of running the system test and upgrade improvement,reliability and control accuracy are in the leading domestic level.

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