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Electric Heating Retorts(Sterilization Equipment)

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Brief Introduction:

Electric Heating Retorts(sterilization equipment) on the basis of the traditional spray type sterilization vessel equipped with electric heating system, provides the heat for sterilization process, the retorts from the purchase of boiler heating way, allow the user to worry, rest assured. It’s especially suitable for production of smaller users.

Classification of Electric Heating Retorts(Sterilization Equipment):

1. According to control type: Fully Automatic Autoclave, Semi-automatic Autoclave, electric semi-automatic control and Manual autoclave.

2. According to sterilization methods: Steam Autoclave, Pan Spray Autoclave, water bath type (immersion) autoclave, and Rotary Autoclave/Sterilizer(vessel)  

3. According to structure of cylinder: Vertical autoclave, Horizontal autoclave, Single tank autoclave, Double pan autoclave, up and down autoclave.

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