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Food Processing Machine Automatic Food Autoclave Retort

- Jan 04, 2018 -

Product Description

Competitive advantage of Food Processing Machine Automatic Food Autoclave Retort 

1.PLC automatic computer control, high precision sterilization, temperature difference +0.3°C in the kettle.

2.lateral jet sterilization, saving water and energy

3.indirect heating and cooling, preventing secondary pollution

4.the process of heating /cooling is gently keeping foods and packaging  glass bottles intact. 

5.kill germs with soft water and maintain the package surface bright

6.different packaging materials can be used (such as flexible package, glass bottles, box containing gas, tinplate etc.) 

7.electronic automatic protection under the condition of ultra-high temperature. system will automatically ring alarm when the temperature, the pressure, the water level, or any other kinds of error occur. 

9.different run conditions can make you get different food sterilization craft. There are over one hundred food sterilization crafts in all.

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