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Full Automatic Water Immersion Food Retort

- Dec 14, 2017 -

Overview of the Water Immerse Autoclave:

Full-auto two-layer immerse autoclave has top& bottom pots. Top one is to save hot water and bottom one for sterilization. After packed food entered the sterilization pot the pre-heated sterilization water from the top pot comes into the bottom sterilization pot and immerse all the food in the pot like people bathing in pool. Then circulating pump force the high temperature water in the pot to recycle regularly. During the running steam continually heats them to the designed temperature to proceed to packed food sterilization purpose. The high temperature water recycles to the top pot after sterilization finished and the coolant water input directly to the bottom pot from outside to finish cooling process. This device process sterilization with recycle of hot water between top & bottom pot.  Sterilization technique and process are full automatically controlled to save space, energy& sterilization time and increase output.

Suitable for wide application scope:

1.  Can food: tin can, alum can(example: canned drinks like almond juice, walnut juice, healthy tea, etc)

2. Soft pack: alum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag, etc.

The material:

You can choose the material according to your request as followings:

A: stainless steel SUS304.

B: carton steel Q235-B

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