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Horizontal Food Sterilizer Autoclave

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Horizontal Food Sterilizer Autoclave

Equipment Characteristics:

1. Heating method: 

    Electric heating or steam, Oil,or heating water make steam ( you can choose) .

2. Door open and close system :

    One person can open or close the door easily,this is high technical . even the door can be operated when power off.

3. Seal system :

     Inflatable silicon rubber seal. Automatic inflate during working. 

4. Safety interlocking for the door

    We design three sets safety locking system to avoid the damage for the worker 's faulty operation.

    First is pressure automatic safety locking system:  

    Second is manual safety locking system

    Third is seals safety locking system

5. Temperature control system :

    We design Intelligent digital temperature controller to set and control temperature. .Precision is ±1ºC .

6. Pressure control system: 

    Automatic control for temperature by pressure sensor, the autoclave has keep the setting pressure steady and automatic.

7. Insulation method : 

We design 1.2mm cold-rolled sheet to fix the machine,and inside 60mm glass cotton to cover the machine. This will save costs for heating .

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