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Jacketed Kettle Operation Instructions

- Jul 21, 2017 -

General Canned food factory to the canned water boiling heat sterilization treatment of the use of this form of horizontal sterilization pot, the equipment through the introduction of compressed air can be achieved by reverse pressure sterilization. If the cooling needs to be carried out in the pot, the water pump must be used to penetrate the top of the spray pipe (or to use the circulatory system).

In sterilization, the pressure in the can exceeds the outside of the tank (in the pot) as the temperature of the can is raised by heating. Therefore, in order to avoid sterilization when the bottle can be pressurized inside the lid, the Makou of the two sides of the iron can be protruding, the pressure must be applied, especially for the need for higher sterilization temperature of canned meat is more so.

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