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Landmarks In The History Of Food Canning

- Oct 30, 2017 -

Landmarks in The History of Food Canning:

1790s Frenchman Nicolas Appert pioneered the process of food canning.

The process of canning was pioneered in the 1790s when a French confectioner, Nicolas Appert, discovered that the application of heat to food in sealed glass bottles preserved the food from deterioration.


In about 1806 Appert's principles were successfully tried by the French Navy on a wide range of foods including meat, vegetables, fruit and even milk.

1810 Englishman Peter Durand patents the food canning process. Based on Appert's methods of food preservation the packaging of food in sealed airtight tin-plated wrought-iron cans was first patented by an Englishman, Peter Durand, in 1810. Parry's tin of roasted veal contained instructions to open the can - "Cut round on the top near to the outer edge with a chisel and hammer".

 It was said a good worker could produce four cans in one day. Cans are now manufactured at around 400 per minute.

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