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Rotary Food Sterilizer Autoclave

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Rotary Food Sterilizer Autoclave

Brief Introduction:

Rotary autoclave/sterilizer(vessel) is secondary sterilization equipment which is applicable to bottled or canned food. Rotary autoclave/sterilizer is composed of process tank, hot water tank,pump, connecting pipeline and PLC touch automatic control system. Using high temperature and pressure water for food quickly sterilizing treatment, food in the device for slow in turn, make its transfer more quickly and even, greatly shorten the entire process of sterilization time, so as to achieve the high temperature sterilizing treatment. Meanwhile, by T-t curve analysis and inspection records, you can effectively manage production and quality.

Autoclave/Retort Features:

1. Easy to operate and save labor.

2. Energy efficient and energy saving.

3. Shorten the processing time and reduce sterilization time.

4. Low noise, Water saving & environment protection.

5. Avoid any chance of cold-air dead end. 

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