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Single Pot Automatic Autoclave

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Single Pot Automatic Autoclave

Product Description:

Single Pot Automatic Autoclave is a pressure vessel with speed open door, and openings sealed with inflatable silicone ring or internal pressure self-tight rubber pad. Mechanical or manual gearing is used to lock and open the lid, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good sealing performance, the temperature in the tank is uniform,furthermore, complete safety accessories (equipped with safety interlock device).


1. Door open and close system :

 One person can open or close the door easily,this is high technical . even the door can be operated when power off. Thus saving human resources.

 2. Safety interlocking for the door

 We design three sets safety locking system to avoid the damage for the worker 's faulty operation.

 First is pressure automatic safety locking system:  

Second is manual safety locking system

Third is seals safety locking system

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