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Spray Type Autoclave Retort Sterilizer

- Dec 19, 2017 -

Brief Introduction:

Industrial retort works by spraying water mist to the treated food surface from some strategically located nozzles .it features prompt delivery of heating and cooling process.Sophisticated and unique technology is adopted in this industrial retort to guarantee a constant room pressure and temperature, tolerance as precise as 0.01MPA and 0.3°C respectively.


Spray regulator is introduced in our industrial retort to detect the process to insure a evenly temperature distribution. This industrial retort is equipped with PLC automatic control to go through the whole sterilizing process.


Multi-segment heating and cooling techniques is used to produce a penetrating temperature.  Configuration parameters for explicit sterilization is saved in the computer for easy operation. Temperature distribution test is conducted though all our products to insure a temperature tolerance of 0.3°C will be met. Cooling &heating water take different channel to avoid a contamination in the whole sterilizing process.

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