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Stainless Steel Electric Heating Retort

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Electric Heating Retort

Brief Introduction:

Electric Heating Retort on the basis of the traditional spray type sterilization vessel equipped with electric heating system, provides the heat for sterilization process, the retorts from the purchase of boiler heating way, allow the user to worry, rest assured. It’s especially suitable for production of smaller users.

Structure of Autoclave:

The retort includes body, lid, swivels, tracks, seals, rollers, locking wedge, steam, and nozzle, cooling pipe and valves and so on.

The control system includes PLC control, touch screen and control cabinet.

Accessories includes pallet, pallet trucks, outside carts, circulation pump, water pump, pipe valve.

Before sterilizing process:

1.Hot filling sterilizing process: should be pre-heating , the temperature was same as products hot filling temperature, then the product push into the water spray autoclave chamber

2.Glass bottles: hot filling glass bottles need preheating before start sterilizing process, because the temperature differential between glass bottles and room temperature too large , the glass container would crack

3.The working medium should be soft water (its same as steam generator supply water)

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