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Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle

- Nov 16, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle 

Product Description:


1. The jacketed kettle apply to food industry, pharmacy industry and chemical industry. Such as: candy, dairy, cake, sweetmeat, beverage, jam, juice, medicine, liquor, etc, also can be used in restaurant for cooking and boiling.


2. Usually consists of kettle body and feet, the kettle body is double-layer structure, steam is filled into the interlayer to heat.


3. According to  your different needs, we can add mixer, scraper and cover.


4. Made of stainless steel both inside and outside.


Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed Kettle Types:

1. According to the structure is divided into tilting-type and vertical type(stationary type);

2. According to the heating is divided into electricity heating type, steam heating type,gas heating type.

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