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Stainless Steel Stirring Type Jacketed Kettle

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Stirring Type Jacketed Kettle


Stainless steel stirring pot ,also known as fixed steam jacketed kettle. Stainless steel stirring pot is made up of pot body and feet. The pot body is a double-layer structure made up of the inner and outer hemispherical pot, straight edge and bracket, the middle interlayer is heated by steam. Jacketed kettle can be divided into fixed, tilting, stirring and other structures.

Stainless steel stirring pot has many features, such as, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, liquid material boiling time is short, easy to control the heating temperature, good looks, easy to install, easy to operate, safe and reliable,etc..

Application Scope:

Stainless steel stirring pot is widely used in all kinds of food processing, can also be used for making soup, cooking, stewing meats, boiling gruel in large restaurant or dining room, and so on. Stainless steel stirring pot is a good equipment for food processing to improve quality, shorten time and improve working  conditions.

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