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Stainless Steel Tilting Jacketed Kettle

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Stainless Steel Tilting Jacketed Kettle

Product introduction:

We supply all kinds of jacket kettle for your choice. Steam jacket kettle and Electrical Jacket kettle. Tilting and stationary type, with agitator and without agitator.

Steam Jacket kettle

With Dimple jacket inside the walls for steam inject and heating. It takes the steam as thermal source. The inner surface contacted with the product are all SUS304 Or SUS316.

Electrical Jacket Kettle

Compared with steam heating, the heating temperature of the electrical jacket kettle is higher than steam jacket kettle, Which can shorten the cooking time.


The Jacketed Kettle could be applied in food, beverage, Pharmacy, chemical industry etc.

Material Available:

SUS304 SUS316 SUS316L

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