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Steam Heating Hot Water Spray Type Sterilizer

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Product Description:

Different kinds retort sterilizer, including rotary retort, water immersion retort, shower retort, muti functional retort machine.

We have many kinds of retort sterilizer:

1. Hot water spray retort: 

The autoclave performs various types of high-pressure sterilization. Sterilization is achieved through the use of non-atomized hot water droplets. The sterilized comprises a retort that is capable of receiving multiple trays of materials, a pressurized air intake system for introducing pressurized air into the retort, an exhaust system and multiple spray units capable of spraying liquid such that at least one spray unit is disposed adjacent to each tray of material. It is further defined to include a heat exchanger and a pump for removing the liquid from the retort, passing it through the heat exchanger and delivering the liquid to the spray units.

2. Rotary retort:

The retort sterilizer is specially designed to sterilize foods in pouches and flexible plastic containers such as pop cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and heating bags. Shower spray retort sterilizer sprays high pressured hot water to the packaging food by nozzles located at the processing tank.

3. Water immersion retort : 

The water immersion retorts are specially designed to sterilize foods in pouches and flexible plastic containers. It shall be ensured that all pouches are positioned in the water flow to give.

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