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Sterilization Retort Material

- Mar 07, 2018 -

About the "Sterilization Retort", 3 different materials can be chose:


1. Food Grade Stainless Steel 304.

2. Stainless Steel 201.

3. Common Carbon Steel

The biggest difference among above 3 materials is the "Corrosion Resistance" and "Strength". 

As per current technical development of Iron & steel industry, the basical Strength Capability of these 3 types steel is very enough to support the weight of Pot Boday with food and water inside. However, for the Sterilization Retort's "Frame & Pedestal", the most important point is the "Corrosion Resistance". As we all know, the food factory workshop is very damp, especially the Sterilization workshop, there's much steam and water. Under such a circumstance, without the excellent "Corrosion Resistance", the frame & pedestal will be corroded easily in a short time. 

As per our experience and our clients feedback, general speaking, under the situation of normal food factory sterilization workshop, the common Carbon Steel will rust in 1-2 years, Stainless Steel 201 will rust in 4-5 years, while the Food Grade Stainless Steel,304 will keep no rust in 7-8 years. If maintain well, it even last for longer time. Of course, it also depends on the composite factors of real circumstance, such as acid & alkali degress, salinity, temperature, illumination, dust density and so on. But, no matter under what circumstance, the dampness is always the most important and the decisive factor.

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