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Sterilizer Retort Working Flow

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Sterilizer Retort Working Flow

Steam spray sterilizer / steam heating sterilizer use steam jet to heat the content to about 121 degree C for 10 to 30 minutes. After cooling, cool water or ice water was introduced to the sterilizer chamber for a rapid cooling. After the cooling process, we finished the sterilization batch. So, a steam heating / steam spray sterilizer working process should be like this:

Loading glass jar / fish tin can or any other package into the autoclave basket.Push the sterilization baskets into the sterilizer retort chamber and seal the door.Pump process water into the sterilizer retort body.Turn on the steam inlet valve to start the pre-heating process.When temperature arrived to 121 degree, turn down the steam inlet valve and keep the temperature at 121 degree C without any significant increase.Add some compressed air into the retort or open the pressure relief valve to control the pressure at a suitable level.Pump cooling water to the retort chamber or plate heat exchanger (if exist) for coolingUnloading the tin can / glass jar / bottle and finish the sterilization batchExplain of steam spray retort sterilizer / sterilizer retort / sterilization retort 

When steam spray sterilizer retort working, directly injected steam blends with fine droplets of the water spray and results in an extremely homogenous heat transfer environment throughout the whole autoclave / sterilizer / retort sterilizer. As water jets spray into the sterilization baskets from its top and the sides as well, even and rapid heating and cooling process will be achieved. 

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