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The Use, Maintenance And Maintenance Of Jacketed Kettle

- Jul 21, 2017 -

1, the equipment design, manufacture and follow the standard standards and inspection basis: "Steel pressure vessel ($literal)" and "pressure Vessel safety Technical Supervision Regulations (99 edition)" For manufacturing, testing and acceptance, welding according to "Steel Pressure Vessel welding regulations ($number)", Radiographic flaw Detection by (jb4730-94) of the third stage.

2, the user should be based on the production process of the unit sterilization conditions and the technical performance of the sterilization pot to formulate safe operating procedures for sterilization, and strictly enforced. Sterilization pot Safety Operating procedures shall include at least:

(1) Sterilization of the operation of the technical indicators and maximum operating pressure, the highest operating temperature.

(2) Sterilization pot operation methods and procedures and precautions.

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