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Vertical Sterilizer Retor

- Sep 28, 2017 -

Vertical Sterilizer Retort for kinds of High temperature resistant packaging

1. Counter pressure Sterilizer

2. Food sterilizer(steam sterilizer, retort sterilizer)

High pressure Sterilizer:

Retort sterilizer(high pressure sterilizer ) adopts casing structure, has the characteristics such as high efficiency, energy saving and simple operation. Due to the short heating time, small nutrition loss.

Sterilizer is suitable for the liquid material beverage. Such as fresh milk, fruit juice drink, wine drink, soybean milk and Chinese medicine, as well as the sticky material (for example, sweet condensed milk) upon completing with high-pressure homogenizer.

If the homogenizer is set together, autoclave sterilizer can also be used for high viscosity materials such as sugar beets and condensed milk and so on.

Please used for health &sanitation.

Vertical autoclave(electric heating sterilizer)

Autoclave, it's used for beverage &food industry.

1. It is small scale electric autoclave. we can do 100-500L.

2. Small land area, suited in Lab. if you need, it can install wheels at the bottom.

3. The working temperature range: 100-135C.

4. The Max temperature: 121C.

5. With control box, temperature meter, pressure meter, safe valve etc.

6. Made of stainless steel 304, outer and inner polishing to easy cleaning.

7. Electric power

If you have anywhere need to customized, please let me know!

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