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Water Immersion Type Sterilizer Retort

- Oct 17, 2017 -

Product DescriptionWater Immersion Type Sterilizer Retort (Autoclave)

1. Water Spray

2. Energy Saving

3. Fully automatic or semi-automatic system

4. Uniform heat distribution, no dead angle

Water Immersion Autoclave is suited as the two-stage sterilization equipment of bag-packing or case-packing food. It is composed of technology tank, hot water, cold water tank, heat exchanger, all kinds of pump valve, connection pipe and semi-automation control system. The soft water inside the tank keeps on spraying fan-shaped and belt-shaped hot water which pose a wave-like motion to the being sterilized after it goes through the heat exchanger or after it cools off. The heat diffusion is rapid and well distributed. It can reduce the possibility that the packed goods are not artistic because of the influence of the outside water quality.

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