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Water Spray Retort Sterilization

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Water Spray Retort Sterilization

Product Description:

1) Uniform flow exchange method, equilibrium temperature, no dead point;

2) Hot water can be stored and reclycled, saving energy;  

3) Uniform heat distribution, easily controlling the product quality;  

4) Full automatic computer control system, all the sterilization process controlled by PLC, saving manual force;  

5) High precision of sterilization;  

6) Adopting simulation of temperature control system, can set up multi-stage heating mechanism, to keep the food colour and nutrion.;  

7) Equiped with FO value control system, all data can be stored and printed, facilite the production management;  

8) In allusion to flexible pack products, especially for bulk package, fast penetration speed, good sterilization effect. 

Product Applications:

1) Metal container: tinplate cans, aluminum can; 

2) Soft packaing: transparent bag, aluminum foil bag, cacuum bag, high temperature cooking bags

3) All other food packages. 

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