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Stainless Steel Basket

Stainless Steel Basket

Stainless Steel Basket is mainly used in medical equipment,food utensils disinfection and chemical lab etc.

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Stainless Steel Basket

Surface Treatment:
electrolyzation and polishing

Features of stainless steel basket:
1. Can be stacked together one by one to save a large space for you.
2. Excellent resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion, high temperature, wearing, and distortion. 
3. Long lifespan, non-toxic, healthy and eco-friendly.

Application of stainless steel basket:
mainly used in medical equipment,food utensils disinfection and chemical lab etc.

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Processing of stainless steel basket :
Stainless steel wire basket can be made into a variety of craft by bending .

The stainless steel basket advantages :
Durable, not rust or out of shape.
Easy to clean. No welded joint, safety use .
Hole Size guarantee the cleaning and sterilization effect
For medical, laboratory sterilizer
For disinfection sterilization, such as ultrasonic cleaning, storage use, especially to surgical instruments, medical apparatus and instruments in the instrument trays with cleaning and disinfection sterilization.
Suitable for the medical treatment unit, hospital departments, such as operating room, supply room, disinfection, dental clinics and wards all cleaning disinfection sterilization treatment related departments of medical institutions

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