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Sterilization Basket

Sterilization Basket

Sterilization Basket surface finish is good, smooth and no burr, to adapt to strong performance.

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Sterilization Basket


Low carbon steel wire, stainless steel 201,304,316,316 L, and other high quality materials


Non-toxic and tasteless, durable.

Processing technology:

Ginning network, spot welding network, woven mesh, punching network, welding and so on. Disinfection of the surface of the sterilization basket using electrolysis, polishing low-carbon steel is dipping and other treatment methods, can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Surface treatment Electrolytic polishing, durable, bright as a mirror, no rust, the same type.

The use of micro-point resistance welding and no welding technology, so that products without outstanding solder joints, no welding injury, no flash, no shedding, safe use.


Sterilization Basket surface finish is good, smooth and no burr, to adapt to strong performance, in the environment -45 degrees to maintain no deformation, not off the solder joints, never rust. Corrosion-resistant, no rust, non-toxic and tasteless, smooth surface Hand, no burr, durable.

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According to various sizes of sterilization pot tailored.

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