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Automatic Double Layer Sterilization Pot

Automatic Double Layer Sterilization Pot

Automatic sterilization heating water is automatically and directly injected into the retort (autoclave) chamber.

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Product Details

Automatic double layer sterilization pot:

Working principle:

Automatic sterilization heating water is automatically and directly injected into the retort (autoclave) chamber and is properly distributed; the steam and air with efficiency enables a uniform heat distribution in the entire retort (autoclave) chamber in order to guarantee good temperature accuracy during the holding time.Cooling is achieved with recirculated water cooled by fresh water or via a Plate Heat Exchange. Recirculated water comes from steam condensates to which is added an amount of pre-cooling water. The addition of cold water is automatically and gradually obtained in order to eliminate the “thermal shock” and control temperature for ramping down.During all the Heat & Cooling steps, the electronic process controller monitors temperature and pressure inside the retort chamber.

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Application for Automatic double layer sterilization pot:

Full-featured high-temperature retorting to adapt to all types of packaging materials:
1 glass container: glass
2 metal containers: tin cans
3 aluminum cans plastic container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4 soft bags: foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum, high temperature cooking

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