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Automatic Electrical Heating Retort

Automatic Electrical Heating Retort

Full-featured high-temperature retorting to adapt to all types of packaging materials

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Product Details

Full-featured high-temperature retorting to adapt to all types of packaging materials:
1 glass container: glass
2 metal containers: tin cans
3 aluminum cans plastic container: PP bottles, HDPE bottles

4 soft bags: foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum, high temperature cooking

Product details:

1. Sterilization 

Once the programmed sterilization temperature has been reched, it is held for the programmed time with +/-1 °F . Similarly, the pressure is kept with +/- 1 psi by adding and venting compresed air as needed. 

2. Cooling 

At the end of the sterilization step, the retort switches into cooling mode. As the process water continues to be circulated through the system, a portion of it is diverted through on side of a plate heat exchanger. At the same time, cold water passes through the other side of plate heat exchanger. This results in the process water inside the retort chamber being cooled in a controlled fashion. 

3. End of cycle 

Once the retort is cooled to the programmed temperature setpoint, the cold water inlet valve on the heat exchanger closed and the pressure inside thr retort is autoamtically relieved. The water level is lowered from the maximun down to the medium level. The door is equipped with a safety locking device which prevents the oping of the door in the case of residual pressure or high water level. 


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