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Automatic Food Sterilizing Autoclave Equipment

Automatic Food Sterilizing Autoclave Equipment

According to requirements of different food sterilization conditions to set heating and cooling procedures

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Features of automatic food sterilizing autoclave equipment

1.  Sterilization methods

Using wavy hot water spray system, through a multi-stage heating, uniform heating, short time sterilization and cooking.

2.  Control system

 •  Use screen analog control.

 •  All times has analog sensors and automatic control valves.

 •  You can switch from a single to a multi-stage sterilization process.

 •  Pressure and temperature are digital display.

3.  Analog temperature control system 
  According to requirements of different food sterilization conditions to set heating and cooling procedures,  so that every kind of food is sterilized in the best condition. It can avoid the cooking odors
which produced by high temperature and pressure processing method.  

4.  Pressure control system

The pressure continues to adjust to adapt to the changes inside the product packaging, so that the degree of deformation of the product packaging to achieve the lowest, especially for gas-packaged products. 

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 Application of automatic food sterilizing autoclave equipment

A full functional autoclave is applicable to all kinds of high temperature resistant packaging material.
1. Bottle of PP or HDPE
2.Pouch packaging:Aluminum foll bags ,transparent bags,vacuum bags ,high temperature retort pouch etc.
3. Metal containers:tin cans,aluminum cans.
4. Glass bottles.

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1. Are you manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 14years' experience.

2. Where are you? Can we go to China and visit your factory?
Yes, of course. We are in Henan China. Welcome to our factory.
3.Do you have manual with the machine?
Yes, of course. It is in English version.
4. Can you offer us the necessary paper to do the customs clearance?
Yes, of course. We will send you the commercial invoice, sales contract, packing list, bill of lading(FOB or CFR, CIF terms), insurance policy (if CIF terms), also CO if you need.

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