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Automatic Food Sterilizing Retort

Automatic Food Sterilizing Retort

Steam sterilizer has been widely used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

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Automatic Food Sterilizing Retort

Basic Info

Product Description

Model: Steam Type

Short Sterilzing Time: Diiferent Kinds of Sterilizing Way

Perfect Sterilizing Effect: No Sterilzing Concer

Adjustable Size: Different Control System

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Application scope: 

Steam sterilizer has been widely used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. It has wide application for packaged product, such as flexible package, CPP+PA, aluminum foil, tinplate, plastic, etc. 

Steam sterilizer autoclave's advantages: 

A. Electric semi-automatic control system: Automatic control in temperature, pressure automatic and sterilizing time. 

B. Safe operation: Electric and mechanical double interlock protection system for safe information

C. Over pressure protection: Electric and mechanical double over pressure system for safe operation. 

D. Over temperature protection: Electric over temperature protection system. 

E. Equalized heat distribution: The temperature inside the sterilizer is equalized distribution, which means the temperature difference is less than 0.5degree. 

F. Temperature difference adjustment: Electric type

G. Humanization design and long lifespan material: Stainless steel material, high intelligent automatic control system.

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