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Canning Retort Sterilizer

Canning Retort Sterilizer

This equipment is developed based on the double layer water bath type sterilizing retort.

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Special Features:

This equipment is developed based on the double layer water bath type sterilizing can increase output by 100% Characteristic. This product is a new product developed from double-layered water bath retort. The production capacity is two times of double-layered retort; saving energy; customer can greatly reduce the investment cost of the equipment.  Even exchange of the water flow, even temperature, no dead area. It utilizes the international advanced technology, hot water circulation and immersion, for sterilization. In the process of sterilization, circulation water in the sterilization trough will be uninterruptedly shifted up and down, left and right. It ensures the heat distribution of any spot in the trough is even. 

Sterilization in short time. Utilize double-tank hot water circulation for sterilization. Heated the water in the hot water tank to the required temperature of sterilization in advance, the sterilization time can be reduced and work efficiency can be improved.

Company information:

We are the manufacturer and also the trading company of autoclave ,Henan Lingmai Machinery Co.,Ltd was trading company,Zhoukou Xiangkai Machinery CO.,Ltd Our factory was founded in 2003,covers 40 acres,including two workshops,total employees 100-200 people.

Our main products are:spray autoclave ,water bath autoclave, steam

autoclave ,rotary autoclave, etc.

We have excellent engineers. experienced worker and professional sales team.


Standard Expandable Polyethylene Film For exporting, wooden packing or according to customer requirements.