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Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer belongs large pressure vessel equipment.

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Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Brief Introduction:

Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer belongs large pressure vessel equipment. Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer used for maintenance and steaming of lime-sand brick, fly-ash brick, aerated concrete blocks, new light wall material, and concrete tubular pile and other building products, presently. Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer not only used in silicate building products, Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer was also used for the products steaming in chemical industry, medicine, rubber, wood, gypsum, glass, thermal insulation materials, textile, war industry and other areas.

Autoclave door seal uses professional manufacturers of imported rubber sealing ring, easy installation, good sealing, long service life.

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Advantages of Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer:

Autoclave body bearing aimed at different position, Settings are fixed support, activities bearing, special bearings at the end of the three forms. Better meet the kettle body heat bilges cold shrink, guarantee the autoclave autoclave normal work and service life.

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Application fields of Double Door Autoclave Steam Sterilizer:

Medicine, chemical, light industry, textile, building material, cultivation, food and beverage, plastic foam, printing, dyeing and washing, rubber processing, paper products,wood processing, hotel, clothing and leather manufacturer etc..

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