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Double Layer Retort Machine

Double Layer Retort Machine

Double Layer retort machine heat can penetrate into products all around

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Features of Double Layer retort machine:

1.Double Layer retort machine hot water is stored in upper kettle, so food heating is very rapid.

2. Double Layer retort machine, heat can penetrate into products all around.

3. Products can avoid air contact during the whole process, leading to zero cold air in kettle. 

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Company information:

From single pot retort machines to complete processing lines, we enhance value and capture quality, nutrition and taste in food products. Focusing on science, and introduce advanced sterilization technology. More than 10 engineers New Product Development Center researches the new water immersion retorts according to the various users. Our new invention which controls sterilization with F value was patented. We would like to change our lives with our exquisite and advanced technology for water immersion retorts.

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