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Double Pot Retort

Double Pot Retort

Double pot retort is full immersion sterilization.

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Double pot retort for description:

Our company design and build autoclaves to meet most of the international standards such as CE / PED, as well as Russian, Japanese standards. The autoclaves can be supplied with an advanced automated control system .

We will design, build and install your autoclave to meet your specific requirements and operational needs, and with our advanced state-of-the-art Autoclave Management and Control System providing dynamic thermal head control, automated vacuum zone control coupled with advanced reporting and quality control features, it has OPC capabilities plus many other features from the world’s leading autoclave control system.

solutions all your autoclave auxiliary systems for heating, pressurisation, vacuum and cooling are engineered to meet your needs and all your system requirements are professionally project managed right through to the handover of a fully commissioned autoclave system with all your staff fully trained on running, programming and maintaining your autoclave system.

Double pot retort for Package:

Standard Expandable Polyethylene Film For exporting, wooden packing or according to customer requirements.


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