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Food Application Sterilizer

Food Application Sterilizer

According to user requirements, we will offer a variety of designs; help the user to select the most appropriate equipment.

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Product Description

Food Application Sterilizer

Sterilizer's Type

According to the heating way:

(1)Steam heating sterilizer

(2)Electric heating sterilizer

(3)Gas heating way sterilizer

According to the control system:

a.Full-automatic control system

b.Semi-automatic control system

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According to the sterilizing way:

1.Water-spray sterilizing way

2.Steam sterilizing way

3.Water immersion sterilizing way

According to the amount of working pots:

1).Single working pot

2).Double working pots

Designed temperature:145degree

Designed pressure: 0.35Mpa

Control Way: PLC/Manual

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Our Service:

1. pre-sale service 

According to user requirements, we will offer a variety of designs; help the user to select the most appropriate equipment; More for the sake of users, to design a floor plan for the users, and also a reasonable configuration. 

2. installation and debugging 

Company has experienced professional technicians and senior workshop technicians for free on-site training of buyer's operators and responsible for the guidance of equipment installation, guarantee the operation of the equipment, and to achieve the desired effect. 

3.On-site service 

Since the date of installation, the company will send an engineer for on-site guidance, to supply a timely solution of equipment normal state can not run, which due to the unskillful operators who are not familiar with our machine, and guide the users to grasp the solution of the problems during using the equipment. 

4.after-sales maintenance 

Since the date of Qualification adjustment, one year warranty, guarantee the quality of the product if non-users artificially, my company free repair. Since the end of the product warranty period, the supplier provide maintenance service for life, and should be paid to provide accessories, appropriate preferential charge for repairs. The supplier upon receipt of buyer's notification of the equipment failure, maintenance personnel can be arrived at the scene within 48 hours. 

5. operation training 

Detailed work instructions, professional and technical personnel on-site guidance operation; Regular training for each operator, to make them truly knowledgeable, systematic and professional.

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