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Food Beverage Autoclave Sterilization Machine

Food Beverage Autoclave Sterilization Machine

304Stainless Steel machine frame and machine body.

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Product description of food beverage autoclave:

The food sterilizing machine basic principle of this unit is that water is used as the heat exchange medium. The sterilizing water is heated through a tube type heater and is evenly sprayed on the bottle or can surface for promoting the product temperature to the sterilizing level. After sterilization, the product shall be moved to the cooling area, though spraying cold water, the product temperature is lowered down to the room temperature. All the used water shall flow back to the bottom tank for recycling.

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Features of food beverage autoclave:

1) All nozzle and spray tubes are made of stainless steel and spray evenly

2) The catchments flume is made of stainless steel and equipped with a level alarm device

3) The spray-cooling tunnel has a spray cooling recycling water pump and steam adjustment valve 

4) Steam consumption is adjusted according to the temperature

5) 304Stainless Steel machine frame and machine body.

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Packaged material application of food beverage autoclave::

Sterilization comes for plastic package food extending shelf time via steaming or heated water, 

PP/PE soft package,stand pouches food ,bottled food ,tin canned food, examples:mixed

congee meat,seafood ,beverage,sauce(chilli sauce,fruit sauce,potato jam ) ,tomato ketchup.

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