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Food Industrial Autoclave Sterilizer Machine

Food Industrial Autoclave Sterilizer Machine

Sterilizer Machine is suitable for food industry such as beverage which passes in and out automatically in mass production.

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Product Details

Food Industrial Autoclave Sterilizer Machine 

Product Description:

Sterilizer Machine is inject a small amount of process water, reaches a predetermined position (not soaked product) through efficient circulation pump - filter - high efficiency heat exchangers will be injected into the water sprinkler pipes, and then spray nozzle to spray water out of the fog to the surface shape of the food, hot pot evenly distributed, no dead sterilization. Heating and cooling water through the heat exchanger, the rapid heating and cooling rates, which efficiently and comprehensively, stability of the product is sterilized.

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The application scope of the food retort:

  1. Glass container: glass bottle, ceramic bottles

  2. Mental container: tin can

  3. Plastic container: PP bottle, HDPE bottle

  4. Soft package: aluminum foil bag, high temperature cooking bag

  5. Gas-packing boxes

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1. Little water circulation,rapid heating,energy saving.

2. Uniform atomization of water ejected from the nozzle,no dead ends.

3. Sterilizer Machine is heated directly and cooled indirectly. The cooling water and process water are not mixed, avoiding the secondary pollution of food.

4. Extensive scope for sterilization and needs of most products.

5. Low noise, creating quiet and comfortable working environment.

6. Advanced and stable SIEMENS control system, ensure our customer can find the supply chain in time, keep the problems rate low.

7. Sterilizer Machine is suitable for food industry such as beverage which passes in and out automatically in mass production.

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