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Food Processing Autoclave Machine

Food Processing Autoclave Machine

Food Processing Autoclave Machine ensure each point from the warming, disinfection, temperature drop, cooling in the kettle heat distribution evenly, reach the best disinfection results.

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Food Processing Autoclave Machine

Autoclave Machine Features:


1. Convert flow directions: temperature evenly, no dead spot.

Ensure each point from the warming, disinfection, temperature drop, cooling in the kettle heat distribution evenly, reach the best disinfection results.

 2. Adopt multi-segment warming, disinfection completely


Keep the original color of the product unchanged.

 3. High accuracy disinfection


Use the international most advanced computer component, steam admission, steam exhaust, water inflow, water exhaust and other processes, all adopt computer automatic control, accuracy in the retort is on about 0.2 degrees.

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 4. Computer fully automatic control system


 Use the most advanced computer control system of the world


Touch screen, disinfection process use carton expression


 All the valves switch adopt computer programmed control


 All the disinfection procedures adopt computer automatic control, without manual operation


5. F value measurement function


 6. Storage disinfection formula

 According to different products set all kinds of special sterilizing formula.

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Another Autoclave Machine Features:

• Quick high temperature sterilization, the double tank water circulation for sterilization, preheated to the required temperature of the hot water tank, shorten the sterilization time, sterilization temperature high starting point,  protect the quality of the products.


• Puming the hot water to the top tank after sterilizing, working medium used in the sterilization process can be recycled, saving steam, energy consumption and sterilization time and manpower, material consumption, greatly reducing the cost of production.


• Uniform flow exchange way, equilibrium temperature, no blind point. 


• Full automatic computer control system, all the sterilization process controlled by PLC completely, one time finished,  without manual operation. 


• PLC programming control, can store more than 100 sets of sterilization formula, sterilization to achieve standardization.


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• Every autoclave machine can be equipped with a FO value control system, all data including sterilization, sterilization conditions, F value, temperature time curve, time pressure curve can be processed by data processing software to be saved or printed, in order to facilitate production management and sterilization more scientific.


• Simulation of temperature control system, can set up multi-stage heating mechanism, do the best to keep the colour and nutrion , sterilizing temperature exactly in ±0.5℃, avoid the overcooking or sterilizing halfway.


• The heat distribution is uniform, easy control the product quality.


• In allusion to flexible pack products, especially bulk packaging, heat penetration speed is fast, good sterilization effect.

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